“The Concepts Collection has teamed up with Dance for All, donating a percentage of our annual turnover to them each year. ”

We love living in South Africa but also understand some of the unique challenges the country faces – with many communities still hugely disadvantaged and living with poverty and little opportunity. Committed to responsible tourism, we believe that we have a role to play in supporting those less privileged than ourselves.

Keen to get involved with a charitable cause where we could help make a difference; we wanted to inspire and empower young people, to unearth and nurture their talent and encourage them to find a purpose. We believe Dance for All does just that. Having seen the enormous efforts that this organisation puts into giving joy and an improved sense of self to so many children, The Concepts Collection has teamed with Dance for All, donating a percentage of our annual turnover to them each year.

Dance for All is a non-profit organisation that has been teaching dance to historically disadvantaged children and youth in Cape Town since 1991. It offers daily tuition to over 1000 children of all ages in various Cape Town townships, disadvantaged suburbs and rural outreach programmes.

A variety of dance and ballet programmes offer classes and technical training to young dancers whose skills are nurtured with intense dance classes and workshops. A Junior Ballet Programme operates three days a week in the Cape Town township of Nyanga. Students on a Senior Ballet Programme receive paid-for scholarships at a school in the Cape Town suburb of Athlone, where they are groomed for future careers in the dance arena.

To find out how you can help – take a look at their website here or contact us at info@conceptscollection.co.za